Our Philosophy

We have a simple approach to food-- make it good, make it fresh, make it affordable.

It is the philosophy that makes us a beloved institution in Chico for the past twenty years. Founded in the early 1990, we serve generations of Chico residents with fresh and healthy alternatives to fast food.

Come visit us and see why we're the best-kept secret in town!


Hours of Operation
11am-9pm Monday-Saturday, close Sunday

Teriyaki House
236 W. East Avenue Suite B
Chico, California

Teriyaki House
2454 Notre Dame Suite 130
Chico, California

Customer Reviews

This place is delicious, it's cheap and it's amazing.
Julia L, New York.

Teriyaki House has been a favorite of mine since it opened in it's former location on the Esplanade. The standard "Chicken Bowl" is marinated chicken over a bed of veggies and rice, and covered in a teriyaki sauce. Other combos can be found on the menu, including chicken skewers, egg rolls, and sweet & sour dishes....but it's the chicken bowls that keep people coming back.
Ed N, Orland

I love this place. Its economical and very tasty..
M.K, Chico

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