Teriyaki House Chico

Founded in 1993, Teriyaki House Chico is a local cult favorite, serving fresh and healthy Japanese grilled cuisine made to order. 


Our Menu—


Chicken Bowl

Char-broiled teriyaki chicken served with steamed vegetable and rice.

Beef Bowl

Charbroiled teriyaki beef served with steamed vegetables and rice.


Skewered chicken (3) served with steamed vegetables and rice.

Chicken Curry

Sliced chicken with curry, carrot and potatoes served over steamed rice.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Crunchy pork in tangy sauce served over steamed rice.

Vegetables  Bowl

Mixed vegetables top with teriyaki sauce served with steamed rice.

Vegetarian Plate

Mixed vegetables and tofu topped with teriyaki sauce served over steamed rice.

Chicken Salad

Freshly-tossed salad with charbroiled chicken with vinaigrette.


Combination #1

Teriyaki chicken and beef served with mixed vegetables and steamed rice.

Combination #2

Teriyaki chicken, sweet and sour pork, imperial roll (1), steamed vegetables and rice.

Combination #3

Skewered chicken (2), imperial roll (2), steamed vegetables and rice.


Imperial Roll
Skewered Chicken
Rice Bowl


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The food at Teriyaki House is good, flavorful, and enormous. For less than $6 you can get a huge bowl with teriyaki chicken, rice, and veggies. There are other meat and vegetarian options as well, and the bowls hold enough to make two separate meals. Customer service is friendly and fast.
— Dana S, Chico
I get lunch here once a week or so. I usually get the chicken bowl. The portions are generous. You get lots of chicken and lots of rice and a few veggies (carrots, broccoli and cabbage) included. The sauce is the boss!! It’s what keeps me coming back. It’s absolutely perfect and so delicious. Rarely can you finish it all, so it’s usually a lunch and another meal or snack later. Great heated up later. Fast, fresh and fantastic. If you’ve never tried them, I highly suggest you give it a go. Some of the most wonderful fresh eats in Chico. If you’re non dairy, this is a go to place!!
— Jon W, Chico
I love me some teriyaki house. Always consistent, tasty, and perfectly cooked. Their chicken bowl is my favorite— the perfect amount of teriyaki sauce (not drenched, but definitely not dry), the veggies are well cooked, and a good amount of rice. I love their “imperial” rolls (basically a vegetable egg roll) and they are alwayssss hot so they don’t get cold by the time you get home if you get it to go.
— Melissa B, San Rafael
Delicious teriyaki, big portions, great value. Food is always ready fast and it makes for a superb weeknight dinner. The imperial rolls are a must, as well. Always light, crispy and fresh!
— Kelly S., Portland, Oregon


236 W. East Ave Suite B
Monday-Friday 11am - 9pm
(530) 894-6127

2454  Notre Dame Blvd Suite 130
Monday-Friday 11am-9pm
(530) 343-3744